Cummins UK - Head Office
  • 40-44 Rutherford Drive, Park Farm Industrial Estate
  • Cummins UK - Head Office
  • Wellingborough Northants
00 44 (0) 1933 33 42 00 Sales Manager
Cummins UK is the Cummins owned distributor in the United Kingdom selling Cummins engines diesel and gas from 37 to 3281 kW that are designed to power: Agricultural, construction & industrial machinery, Buses, coaches & trucks, Commercial and recreational marine applications, Mining equipment, Railcars and locomotives. Cummins UK delivers Cummins generator sets from 4kW to 3000kW for a variety of applications including marine, retail, telecommunications, oil & gas, data centres, hospitals, construction sites and mining. Cummins UK supports Cummins engines and generators in operation through aftermarket parts and service support.