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EUROPOWER Generators started trading in 1990 in Limburg, Belgium. Since then the company has outgrown three factories and is presently occupying a 20,000m2 site in a new factory in Nieuwerkerken, Belgium. The current production capability is around 12,500 small generators in the range from 1 to 40 kVA and will be extended to 20,000 units. No direct sales to end-users are made. Distribution of the products is directly to the dealers in 34 countries. The company managed to grow at an average pace of more than 35% per year over the first 10 years, reduced its fallback in 2001 to 2.5% and picked up the pace with growth of 17% in 2002 and 15% in 2003. Turnover in 2008 was 16 million Euro. Through the constant drive for complete client satisfaction – in the largest sense of the word – and through the delivery of excellent quality, the company is now the largest manufacturer of small generators and welding generators in the Benelux. As a consequence of striving for complete client satisfaction, EUROPOWER Generators are very close to the demands of the market. To arrive at a continuous level of improvement in quality, the company invested in the market, in their customers in the personnel, in the product quality and in the constant control of the entire process. EUROPOWER Generators became the first ISO9001 certified manufacturer of small generators in Europe. This success has been built through offering a full range of first quality products, supported by a superb delivery and technical back-up. Actually, we are certified under the ISO9001-2008 norm. EUROPOWER Generators are unique since they are manufactured according the client’s specifications. A highly skilled research and development department is at the client’s disposal, which enables to company to offer the unique service of building custom made machines to suit almost any requirements.