Kan'to Instruments Ltd

  • 23 Stockton Business Centre
  • Kan'to Instruments Ltd
  • Stockton on Tees
+44 (0)1642 674457 Dimitri Papaionnou info@kanto.co.uk
Kan'to Instruments Ltd provides innovative solutions for most aspects of fuel management in power-generation applications. Areas such as management of usage, inventory and quality testing of fuel. Smart, automated tasks can take care of fuel polishing alongside measurements indicating concentration of particles of various sizes. Other parameters can be monitored also, like %RH and temperature of the fuel. Additional elements of the system provide overfill or low-level protection. All the measured date and actions taken can be viewed in real-time or historical data from anywhere using a browser. SMS and e mail alerts/reports can be sent on a time- or event- basis.
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