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Megacon is an international group of fully owned and associated companies, who in partnership bring together their commercial and multi-disciplinary technical competence, experience and knowledge to design, manufacture and market innovative electronic products. Private ownership and financial freedom guarantees Megacon’s integrity, confidentiality and ethical handling of any project. The Group’s operation and its product and marketing strategies are co-ordinated by Megacon in Bergen, Norway. Megacon’s main manufacturing unit is in Falmouth, England. Megacon is a major designer, manufacturer and global supplier of high-tech electronic products for industrial, medical, military, marine, offshore and sub-sea applications in the areas of: Power Generation and Distribution Units and systems for protection, monitoring, synchronisation and load sharing, control and automation of generators and distribution networks, generator to grid and loss of mains protection, units for diesel generator control, systems for power management, power plant and electricity supply control, peak shaving/lopping and CHP protection, etc. Monitoring and Alarm Units and systems for general monitoring and alarm and a range of onboard total automation packages including alarm-system (EO) and power management system, etc. Earth Fault and Insulation Protection Units and systems for advanced selective and earth current monitoring in (live and stand-by) grounded or floating AC (up to 21kVAC) or DC supply networks, in industrial and hospital and onboard installations, and in offshore, seismic, sub-sea and seabed operations. Analogue and Digital Signal Processing Tranducers Units and systems for acquisition and detection, measurement and analysis, instrumentation and presentation, conversion (tranducer), conditionning, isolation and separation of signals related to electrical or physical parameters. Norway: Megacon AS. Tel: +47 55117510 Denmark: Megacon Tel: +47 55117510