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Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL) is a leading provider of power protection product and service solutions in the UK and offer an unrivalled single source service ensuring all your power protection requirements are taken care of. The product range includes the PowerWAVE UPS range from 1.25 kVA – 5MVA and a new range of PowerWAVE standby generators including open or canopied diesel generators for applications from 5kVA to 3300kVA. The PowerWAVE UPS range includes: · The renowned three-phase modular UPS system, the PowerWAVE 9000DPA for applications up to 250kVA (200kVS N+1) · The standalone three-phase PowerWAVE 6000 series for applications up to 500kVA. The single-phase range designed to provide small-scale critical power protection for applications such as computers, small/mid size server rooms and CCTV equipment. All the PowerWAVE products are backed up with comprehensive technical installation, commissioning, maintenance services, battery installation, testing and maintenance. In addition to this UPSL have a number of quality endorsements: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. The company wrote and published the first independent, definitive book on UPS and secure power systems, The UPS Handbook, now in its 3rd edition. Email sales@upspower.co.uk for a copy or for further information about our product range.