WFM Generators s.r.l
  • Via 2 Giugno, 115
  • WFM Generators s.r.l
  • Mriandola (MO)
+39 0523 512452 +39 0523 512431 Alberto Franceschetti
WFM Generators was founded in 1985 by Luciano Franceschetti, and began manufacturing generating sets in Mirandola, in the Modena province. The current production range includes power generators from 1 up to 2000 kVA, and more, divided in several series, with petrol and Diesel engines, sound proofed or open frame type also able to operate in automatic mode in case of black-out. The range is completed by motor welding sets, lighting towers, P.T.O generators and special generating sets studied to be applied in camper or commercial van. An extensive catalogue of accessories is available for the best use in any application field. The production lines are organized to obtain a very qualified product subjected to a professional use and safety to the user at the same time, a total flexibility in case of tailor made request.
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